Happiness is in the Journey…


Happiness…I wanted to work on finding that solid, elusive core to my life and I decided it was happiness. People chase it, name it, find it in other people and circumstance. Some people just have it, but we can all develop happiness in our lives.


As I was getting ready to leave town for our 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii, I was anything but happy: I was busy. And if the devil cannot make you bad he will make you busy.  I was cranky and rushed morning, noon and night trying to get everything ready to leave for a week at work and with the kids home alone for a week. Alex and Zak are old enough and capable and we left them money ( a perk for having an adult son in the house), but still I wanted to be the good Mom and have them all set up for success. 


We flopped down on the plane like a base runner heading for home in the bottom of the 9th inning and the game is tied! Whew! A full 8 hours of flying with no phones, no internet, no kids, no work, nothing but the hum of the plane. So why was I not feeling more happiness? Sure I was excited to be on our trip, we had been planning 5 years for this very moment!  Ron looks over and smiles at me and I smile at him, this is it!


Eight hours later I am tired, but we crawl off the plane and the sun is shining! Hawaii is so beautiful it takes your breath away, especially after a long cold winter in Missouri. 

I realize as we drive along the beautiful coast line that I am looking for happiness: I want to find it in the ocean, in the whale spouts we can see along the horizon or even in my sweet husband of 25 years.


I cannot.


We did a day trip on the road to Hana, people kept saying it is the journey not the destination (I think that is on a t shirt somewhere). This trip was truly the destination with waterfalls, twists and turns up the mountain and to the rocky bottom valleys, and back up again. We drove a jeep and had taken the top off to enjoy the sunshine, however there was a moment we quickly put the top back on as the rain came in: it is a rain forest after all. The rain passed and then we took the top off again. Along the journey we had some more surprises, like the water was freezing so jumping into the pool at the bottom of a water fall became a bad idea!

It was truly a metaphor for life. You have a plan, then you have to turn sharply or run off the road. You think you will swim in a crystal clear waterfall and then realize it is not such a good idea. Happiness was not found when we reached the end of our journey. It was found along the way. You could have been really crabby with the other drivers, the turns in the road or the unexpected things that happen, or you could focus on the beauty around you, traveling through life with your best friend at your side.


I cannot chase happiness. I cannot earn it, win it or will it into my life. I can embrace each day and situation with joy and happiness that is firmly planted in my heart that comes from my relationship with Jesus and knowing I am here for a purpose. My purpose it not always easy as Ron’s wife, my kids Mom and CEO of Jordan Essentials. This road is my life and I know at the end of the road is the most beautiful place ever and I will hear my savior say “Well done good and faithful servant. You drove the road well, and enjoyed all that I had for you, now come on in, the water is not too cold.”

Happy 14th Birthday Jordan Essentials!!


Getting older is a funny thing!

Actually it’s not my birthday, it is my company’s birthday!  I have a hard time believing it, and quite often pinch myself when I think 14 years has gone by since we first began.
I was a stay at home Mom with a big financial need however I still wanted to keep my faith and family first.  I know many companies have a story about the product starting their journey but to be honest we needed money and I needed a creative solution!
Jordan Essentials has been so much more than just a financial blessing to over 12,500 people and it takes my breath away to think of the lives impacted and the friends that I have made along the way.  Who gets to be this blessed?!  I guess anyone who knows us, knows we are on a mission to improve women’s lives one lotion bar at a time.
We have a new mission to help women globally start their own business and it is NOT with them selling Jordan Essentials…every time someone starts their new Jordan Essentials business we are going to donate 5% of the enrollment kit to the WE Women’s Empowerment project at Convoy of Hope! How exciting!! Convoy of Hope will  help a woman in countries like Tanzania, El Salvador, Ethiopia and Guatemala begin their own business. 
It is just another turn I did not see coming 14 years ago. I know my God is big and He has BIG plans if He uses housewives like me to make a global impact.  If you know anyone who wants to make some extra money, likes natural skin care and wants to make a global impact send them our way.  I am excited to see what God is going to do!
Blessings and Happy Birthday Jordan Essentials!

I have a conffesion: I cannot control Christmas!


Ron and I were going to a Christmas party last night and I said I have
such high hopes for the holidays, that the kids would get along,
everyone would be Christ- like etc, etc. etc.  He said maybe I should
set my sights low so I will not be disappointed!  At church our Pastor
had us turn to our neighbor and say “You cannot control Christmas.”

What was this a conspiracy?

I was offended at first, because I love to set my goals high so that
all my effort points in that lofty goal and I achiever more.
The holidays are NOT a goal setting, set your sights high, event of
the year!  It was a big “Ah Ha” moment.  

If Annya melts down or Alex is disappointed and if Zak and Ben wrestle too much in front of the TV, so what?
They are my family and I should love them unconditionally like Christ loved us and he loved us so much he sent his son.

I want to relish the sounds of my kids, the kisses of my beloved hubby
under the mistletoe, laugh with my sister, play cards with my family
and thank the Lord for the blessings in my life.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas focused on faith and family.
Merry Christmas,

Be the Best You Can Be!


My wheat free life continues.

I am the kind of person who likes to see the glass half full.  I have worked hard to solve a health issue I have had since I was very young. I have seen dozens of doctors, tried pills and more until I met Dr. Norm Shealy.  He instantly said it was probably a wheat allergy….and it was.

It took a little time to work it out of my system but after two weeks I felt so much better. After two months, I felt amazing!! I so am glad there is a big gluten free craze going on right now, because it offers lots of options for a girl like me.

Ron and I went out to eat last weekend where I told the server I could not eat wheat or gluten.  However, something must have had some type of gluten or wheat in  it, like a sauce thickened with flour, because within 30 minutes I could not stand up and felt sick for 3 days.

All that to say I believe we need to do whatever it takes to be the best version of ourselves we can be..such as exercising: I am back to running now and on my last cruise I cannot believe how great I felt because of the choices to be the best I can be, and daily I get up excited about life!

I have also become a better cook, you can ask Ron, he will agree too!   I do not like to use a lot of fancy ingredients, I want to keep it simple too…like this soup I made today and thought I would share it with you:

Nancy’s best crock pot split pea soup

I bag dried split peas

1 box chicken stock

2 c. water

4 golden potatoes rough cut n chunks

turkey kielbasa sausages ( you can use ham to I just do not like ham)

1 yellow onion

1 T minced garlic

olive oil

1 tsp oregano

salt and pepper to taste

1st thing in the morning

Rinse split peas and add to crock pot and cover with chicken stock
Heat Olive Oil and add garlic and onions until onions are cooked and add to the peas and stock.

Add the Sausage potatoes, salt pepper, oregano to the crock pot and cover.

Cook on low all day.  Come home from work and indulge!

Enjoy and be the best you that you can be! 


Shop Small

Who needs small business Saturday?  Not me!
Now do not get me wrong. I love it that small business have a day that is featured and shines a light on small business.

I have been a small business owner, Jordan Essentials bath and body, for almost 14 years now.  What gets my goat is that it is right after black Friday when everyone is about all shopped out. 
What I do is set my intentions for the holiday season early and keep the principles of shopping local, with small business owners like the countless Direct Sellers and others which supports the American Family.

Last year I was shopping local, shopping small and had a hard time finding things made in America in my local shops.  I spread out my search to add Direct Sales People and there are a few like us at Jordan Essentials bath and body that are also American made so I added them to my list.  Then I went online looking for American Made goods.  Jordan Essentials was featured last year on  Made in America: World News with Diane Sawyer  I also used that list to help me shop. Now my kids love electronics as much as the next one but there has to be a balance and not an after thought.  I bought a beautiful hand made doll from a local artist Sew Sweet Dollies, and put a little Jordan Essentials Pamper Chick collection with it and voila’ happy kiddo. 

So, no, I do not need to wait until after all of the big box stores have maxed out most Americans Credit cards on steals and deals to shop local, shop American Made, shop with Direct Sellers, we can do that all year long.
With some thought effort and planning we can strengthen the American economy, show a loved one we care with a gift that has a story to it.  
Happy Shopping this holiday season.
If you agree stop by our web site.  Our team is in the back making all kinds of quality, chemical free skin care treats for you and your family this season. 

Prosper where you are planted


The fountain in front of our house had quit working.  I was pretty sad because the kids had giving it to me for Mother’s Day many years ago.  It needed a new pump and weighs a ton and a half (ok exaggerating here) and yes we would replace it but it was one of those things on a list somewhere often forgotten.


A good friend of mine, Dr Faith Nelson-Eagles said it was not very feng shui to have a fountain not flowing with something – so  planted sweet potatoes.  My hubby loves sweet potatoes and I thought the vines would flow nicely through the summer.  I watered and watched the vines grow. I had almost forgotten under the vines and soil the potatoes were growing.

And so if life.

Often under it all something is going on good or bad where we cannot see it and thus the principle of prospering where you are planted is so important.  I am not much of a gardener. I do not have much time,  with 4 kids and working at Jordan Essentials full time but I love the idea of it.  Planting flowers watching them bloom, planting good ideas and watching them bloom. 

We all want to help our families be healthy, happy and do well in life. 
I am concerned with how we measure that.  Are we happy with what we have?  Are we kind and loving to others?
It would be like planting something and then not watering it and then moving on to the next planting and then ignoring it too. 
Do well with what you have, take care of it and then you can see if you can handle more in life.  But we do have to plant, water, weed and work.  I have a great sign in my office that says “Pray hard, work hard, trust God”. 

I believe you will reap a great harvest in a joy filled life by planting seeds of kindness, hope, integrity, helping others wherever you can.  Even if you have to plant sweet potatoes in your fountain and it is a bit unconventional.  We still enjoyed the vines and now the harvest.


FYI: Plant your vines in the spring and dig them up after the vines have all died.  If you want smaller ones dig up sooner.  Some of these are huge. I am going to have to dry them out now and then add them to sweet potato breads, soups and baking my gluten free recipes with them.  I think the most fun part of was digging them up like a kid with buried treasure in a sand box.

Prosper where you are planted and enjoy the harvest of your lives wherever you live and what ever you do, joy will follow you!


Fall into family


The school year is in full swing and with three kids in high school and one in college we have our hands full.

I love that term “your hands are full” and I work full time at Jordan Essentials.

We had a great sermon last week at church that could be said is life changing.   Pastor Jeremy Johnson shared that work is like a stress ball, simple, and hard to break it just keeps going back into shape.  Our family is like a precious fragile glass heirloom vase.   The problem is we often get them mixed up.

I hope you spend some time with your precious family.

I felt like this message was so good I wanted to add it here so you can check it out too.