On this bright summer morning I thought about freedom. Last Sunday at church our Pastor spoke on freedom, and this weekend our nation will celebrate freedom, thus freedom is on my mind this today…

I have literally met thousands of women over the years who live in a free country who do not live free. I think all of us struggle at some point with freedom in our thought life. We doubt, fear, worry, yes all of us do at some time, including me.

What is it that is deep inside that we worry about that keeps our minds and hearts from being free? “Was I a good Mom, did I equip them to be a good member of society and love the Lord?” And for me, that was just this last weekend!

I know a couple of things that really help me stay mentally free and I hope they bless your life this week.

1. I pray- a lot! I personally do not think I can do anything on my own and I love praying for the favor of God on my life and for direction each day.

2. When I feel down I play loud music. Yep, anything positive, upbeat, and has a good message.

3. Talk to a good friend. Now this is the tricky part, they have to steer you back to freedom. Studies show, talking about something negative more than 9 minutes mentally sticks you in a rut and that begins the bondage of fear, and doubt.

You are looking for a mentor, friend, and positive, powerful influence. Don’t have one? Come to convention, they are all over the place!

4. Journal. It reminds me of past problems I was able to over come and this problem will pass as well. I just write the facts, it is not a grudge record, just facts of what is going on and ponder how I am feeling so I can work on being an over comer in my life.

5. Get outside. This does not work for everyone but it does for me. I could go to work earlier in the mornings but I choose to walk outside. I love the sounds of the birds, the green grass and it reminds me of God’s glory. Be alone with God and ask him for your freedom. Freedom from doubt, and fear.

I close by asking you to think about who you are.
Are you strong, self confident and free?
Are you free to be the person you want to be and live with mental freedom?
If not what is holding you back?

This is going to be a hot topic at convention this year because I see so many people struggle with the issue of personal freedom. Take some time this week to evaluate where you are at and who you want to be. This is a free country and not everyone gets that privilege in this world.

Many blessings as we celebrate our nations freedom and yours!

Get Motivated!!

Boy is it getting hot outside! It was super cold, then very rainy and now getting hot here in the Midwest! The temperature swings are something you have to get used to even when you have lived here your whole life.
I know some of you in the South do not own a coat and some of you in the North do not own 40 tank tops! Adaptability & attitude to our environment makes us thrive, and not just to the weather.
I have met so many women who struggle emotionally, feeling tossed to and fro by the weather of life and I used to be one of them!
How do you get a hold of your emotions and not allow the world, other people and situations to grab you by the gut?
It takes work, but there is a way.
-Pour more positive into your life so that the positive will dilute the negative.
-Listen to motivational speakers & read motivational books
-And be around awesome people!!
These are all great ways to dilute negative in your life.
At the Home Office we are so busy planning for our annual Jordanvention from July 18- 20…this event is one of the best ways I know how to stay filled up all year long!
People ask me all the time how I stay positive and centered. I pray, a lot, and I go to motivational seminars and take great lengths to be around empowering people in my life. In 14 years I have been to many events and I have yet to regret one of them. I know that if you will make the time to come to Jordanvention, you’re not going to regret investing that time either!!
As the summer cooks on here in the midwest we are planning for the arrival of the Jordan Essentials Family in July. I hope you will come and get filled up on good thoughts, good friends and good times which only come once per year! See you there…
Believe and succeed!!

Top 100 bound!!


I just got back from Dallas and the top 100 direct selling companies in the world were announced, we heard names you would recognize such as: Thirty-One Gifts, Scentsy, PartyLite, Arbonne, and of course Avon and Mary Kay.  I sat there last year and wondered what it would be like and how we would get on the list.  We have the best products and best consultants in the world and this would be a nice award to achieve….

However, this year my thoughts were different:  I sat there knowing we CAN be on the list!  Once we enhanced our compensation plan we lined up everything needed to be a top company in the world!!  As they read the company names and the top 10 businesses were revealed, I noticed that many of them were personal care and wellness companies like ours.  None of these companies were a family skincare business but they share the same space with us in the market. 

I really began to reflect on the speakers we had heard at the event and this was the first year I could really say they do not have anything more than we do, except they have more consultants than we do…and that my friends is changing!  We have tripled sponsoring in the first three months of the year and are still going strong.  Consultants are making real career money and new people joining are getting a solid start and foundation with our $100 cash bonus in their first three months.

I see us moving closer to that list, now more than ever. I can see it now: our Jordie Consultant’s stories making life changing money, such as the story of the woman who made $60,000 per month as a Nu Skin consultant.  

I believe, without a doubt, we are Building It Big in 2014 and we my friends, will make that list!


Make This Your Best Life Ever!


I have had spring allergies my whole life… not this year!

I have had motion sickness… not anymore!!  While vacationing in Hawaii we were on the road to Hana, which has 617 turns and Ron was driving, and me: no motion sickness at all!!

I do not get air sick, no more gut pain, and my joint pain is really low (of course until I hit a class with Kelly S. Morris that kicked my bumper)! 

I am really surprised going off wheat did all this for me. I had lipomas (big lumps in my gut) and pain that would not allow me to stand up.  Gut problems plagued me and my doctor offered to surgically remove the painful knots in my upper and lower abdomen, but I was really scared I had some major issue that was leading up to something even worse. I felt like I had tried everything. I had even gone gluten free a couple of times but felt it did not work and just left me hungry.


One day late last fall I met with Dr. Norm Shealy and it changed my life!!  He was so kind and matter of fact: Quit eating wheat!! I said I did and he told me it takes about 3 months to really get it out of my system and that wheat is in so many items I’d have to read the labels on everything.  He said what do you have to lose but all of that inflammation?  He said month one I’ll feel better, month two I will really think I’m onto something, and by month three I will just sit around going “Hey I feel great!”

Month one (October) I decided to really not make this a diet but a lifestyle change.  I baked gluten free bread, brownies, and even bought some GF biscotti for my coffee.  I did not want to feel deprived during the holidays, just better.  At Thanksgiving I had GF pumpkin pie etc…

The swelling in my belly was going down.  I had gained a little weight but decided not to sweat it because that was not the goal.  I was feeling better!!


Month two I was getting the hang of it and even eating out was easier.  I would tell them I had a wheat allergy and most people were happy to help.  One waiter was no help at all and I had a bad relapse with a sauce I am sure was thickened with flour, because by the time dinner was over I could barely stand up straight and had to get to the car.  I was swollen and sick for three days. Lesson learned!!

 By the time the holidays were in full swing I had the hang of it.  I was really enjoying my life, I had no idea how sick I had been and what feeling good was truly like. 


In 2011, I ran a half marathon and was so sick, It was a low point. You’re supposed to carb load for runs and my training days would end with me in bed and very sick.  The day of the half marathon I stopped at nine porta-potties and when I sat down at the end my abdomen swelled a good four inches. You could see it swelling. I remember sitting in the grass thinking, do I suck it up or call and ambulance over?  It was embarrassing and I felt weak and sad.  Later I would learn that that internal swelling and those pain bumps would be so irritated they would bleed and my digestive system was under attack. 

But now I am training again for a half marathon in May and what a difference!  I use fruit for carbs or a rice based grain. I can run (still really slowly) for 2 hours and forget I ever had a problem.  I do stand amazed every time I run. 

While on our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Maui and I could not get over how good I felt. I feel a little sorry for myself that I had to suffer for so many years.  As a kid I would get upper and lower GI problems and take a med for this or for that. I could not exercise and in college just ate very little of anything except junk food–french fries, chocolate, and potato chips are Gluten free by the way!


So here I sit and wonder where my spring allergies are?  I have made a full recovery and embraced my hidden allergy, it took a lot of time and education.  It is not something I could just try, it is something I’ve had to commit to–did you know there is gluten in soy sauce, salad dressings, etc.?!  There is also a healthy God made path to food that is gluten-free.  I would not trade how I feel for all of the fresh baked bread in the world!! My doctor even said “In all the years I have known you I have never felt your belly where it did not have lumps and you jumped off the table at the touch of it.”  She was pretty happy with me and I hope she will recommend a diet change to people now who suffered like I did. I know it is getting popular to be gluten free and I say “GOOD!”  It’s healthier for everyone, but for me it has been a life-changer! 

Now I am ready to run my half marathon, ride my bike, and live my life this summer like I never have before!!  I did have to put myself on a little diet because I had gained some weight with all of my new found baking skills and work-arounds in my diet. :) 


My message today is do not short change yourself or your life and settle for feeling bad, broke or unhappy.  If not now when?  I teach that at Jordan Essentials all the time.  It was a tough one to figure out and I suffered in silence for years.  Opening up to Norm was a great thing to do that day and now I am living a healthier, happier life.  What do you need to do and where can you go for help to make this your best life ever?! 

Blessing and Health


Happiness is in the Journey…


Happiness…I wanted to work on finding that solid, elusive core to my life and I decided it was happiness. People chase it, name it, find it in other people and circumstance. Some people just have it, but we can all develop happiness in our lives.


As I was getting ready to leave town for our 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii, I was anything but happy: I was busy. And if the devil cannot make you bad he will make you busy.  I was cranky and rushed morning, noon and night trying to get everything ready to leave for a week at work and with the kids home alone for a week. Alex and Zak are old enough and capable and we left them money ( a perk for having an adult son in the house), but still I wanted to be the good Mom and have them all set up for success. 


We flopped down on the plane like a base runner heading for home in the bottom of the 9th inning and the game is tied! Whew! A full 8 hours of flying with no phones, no internet, no kids, no work, nothing but the hum of the plane. So why was I not feeling more happiness? Sure I was excited to be on our trip, we had been planning 5 years for this very moment!  Ron looks over and smiles at me and I smile at him, this is it!


Eight hours later I am tired, but we crawl off the plane and the sun is shining! Hawaii is so beautiful it takes your breath away, especially after a long cold winter in Missouri. 

I realize as we drive along the beautiful coast line that I am looking for happiness: I want to find it in the ocean, in the whale spouts we can see along the horizon or even in my sweet husband of 25 years.


I cannot.


We did a day trip on the road to Hana, people kept saying it is the journey not the destination (I think that is on a t shirt somewhere). This trip was truly the destination with waterfalls, twists and turns up the mountain and to the rocky bottom valleys, and back up again. We drove a jeep and had taken the top off to enjoy the sunshine, however there was a moment we quickly put the top back on as the rain came in: it is a rain forest after all. The rain passed and then we took the top off again. Along the journey we had some more surprises, like the water was freezing so jumping into the pool at the bottom of a water fall became a bad idea!

It was truly a metaphor for life. You have a plan, then you have to turn sharply or run off the road. You think you will swim in a crystal clear waterfall and then realize it is not such a good idea. Happiness was not found when we reached the end of our journey. It was found along the way. You could have been really crabby with the other drivers, the turns in the road or the unexpected things that happen, or you could focus on the beauty around you, traveling through life with your best friend at your side.


I cannot chase happiness. I cannot earn it, win it or will it into my life. I can embrace each day and situation with joy and happiness that is firmly planted in my heart that comes from my relationship with Jesus and knowing I am here for a purpose. My purpose it not always easy as Ron’s wife, my kids Mom and CEO of Jordan Essentials. This road is my life and I know at the end of the road is the most beautiful place ever and I will hear my savior say “Well done good and faithful servant. You drove the road well, and enjoyed all that I had for you, now come on in, the water is not too cold.”

Happy 14th Birthday Jordan Essentials!!


Getting older is a funny thing!

Actually it’s not my birthday, it is my company’s birthday!  I have a hard time believing it, and quite often pinch myself when I think 14 years has gone by since we first began.
I was a stay at home Mom with a big financial need however I still wanted to keep my faith and family first.  I know many companies have a story about the product starting their journey but to be honest we needed money and I needed a creative solution!
Jordan Essentials has been so much more than just a financial blessing to over 12,500 people and it takes my breath away to think of the lives impacted and the friends that I have made along the way.  Who gets to be this blessed?!  I guess anyone who knows us, knows we are on a mission to improve women’s lives one lotion bar at a time.
We have a new mission to help women globally start their own business and it is NOT with them selling Jordan Essentials…every time someone starts their new Jordan Essentials business we are going to donate 5% of the enrollment kit to the WE Women’s Empowerment project at Convoy of Hope! How exciting!! Convoy of Hope will  help a woman in countries like Tanzania, El Salvador, Ethiopia and Guatemala begin their own business. 
It is just another turn I did not see coming 14 years ago. I know my God is big and He has BIG plans if He uses housewives like me to make a global impact.  If you know anyone who wants to make some extra money, likes natural skin care and wants to make a global impact send them our way.  I am excited to see what God is going to do!
Blessings and Happy Birthday Jordan Essentials!

I have a conffesion: I cannot control Christmas!


Ron and I were going to a Christmas party last night and I said I have
such high hopes for the holidays, that the kids would get along,
everyone would be Christ- like etc, etc. etc.  He said maybe I should
set my sights low so I will not be disappointed!  At church our Pastor
had us turn to our neighbor and say “You cannot control Christmas.”

What was this a conspiracy?

I was offended at first, because I love to set my goals high so that
all my effort points in that lofty goal and I achiever more.
The holidays are NOT a goal setting, set your sights high, event of
the year!  It was a big “Ah Ha” moment.  

If Annya melts down or Alex is disappointed and if Zak and Ben wrestle too much in front of the TV, so what?
They are my family and I should love them unconditionally like Christ loved us and he loved us so much he sent his son.

I want to relish the sounds of my kids, the kisses of my beloved hubby
under the mistletoe, laugh with my sister, play cards with my family
and thank the Lord for the blessings in my life.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas focused on faith and family.
Merry Christmas,